Mulch Installation in Franklin, IN

Mulch Installation in Franklin, IN

Transform Your Landscape with Professional Mulching Services

Mulch can be an excellent way to create a visual contrast in your yard. Instead of seeing nothing but green, mulch can draw the eye to specific areas of your yard, like your flower beds or trees. Reach out to Setser Property Services LLC today for mulch installation in the Franklin, IN area. We’ll help you choose the right mulch for your property.

Call 317-701-4570 now to learn more about our mulch installation services. We’ll take care of everything, from the delivery to the actual mulching, with ease.

5 benefits of adding mulch to your landscape

Mulching your property can have a variety of surprising benefits. Mulch will:

  1. Increase your curb appeal and add visual contrast to your property.
  2. Prevent weed growth around your plants.
  3. Retain more moisture.
  4. Protect your tree and plant roots from frost during the winter.
  5. Repel certain insects and pests.

To get started on your mulch installation, contact Setser Property Services now. We’ll come to your home in the Franklin, IN area at your convenience.